Emergency: Open 24hrs/365 days 
Emergency Call: (03) 9731 2000

Referring Vet Services


Our referral practice is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. To make appointments, please phone +61 3 9731 2000.

Referral services offered include:

For a referral service other than the emergency services offered by the Veterinary Hospital, you need to be referred by your regular veterinarian. They should provide you with a referral letter and will probably make the initial appointment on your behalf. Your doctor will be informed of your pet’s condition whilst under our care. 

Information for veterinarians

When to refer

We will endeavour to see cases as soon as possible.

Referral medicine and surgery accepts elective and emergency cases Monday – Friday.
Oncology accepts cases Tuesday – Thursday (on Mondays and Fridays, our medicine service will attend to any oncology emergencies).
Neurology accepts elective referrals Monday – Thursday and emergencies Monday – Fridays.

How to refer

To refer a patient, please select from the following options:

1. Online referrals:
Complete the online referral form.  If the form submission is received before 3.45pm on a weekday, we will be in contact before the end of the day. If it is received after that time, or on a weekend we will be in contact within 24 hours.

2. Phone: Call the relevant service coordinator direct on the following phone numbers;
(a). Medicine and Oncology (Lynne Gillies): 9731 2054
(b). Neurology (Shasta Mendez): 9731 2357
(c). Surgery (Anna Hagelin): 8001 2440

These phones are answered between 8.00am and 3.45pm, and if the coordinator is busy (i.e. on another phone call), the call will be returned the same day. Messages left after that time will be responded to before 9.30am the next day.
3. Email: Email the patient’s history to the relevant service and request the service coordinator to contact the client directly to make an appointment (please indicate urgency of appointment required). If the email is received before 3.45pm on a weekday, we will call before the end of the day. If it is received after that time, or on a weekend we will call within 24 hours.

Medicine/Oncology: vet-sa-medicine@unimelb.edu.au
Neurology: vet-neurology@unimelb.edu.au  

4. Client booking: Ask the client to call our reception on 9731 2000 or 9731 2202 to make an appointment.

5. Emergency: Send the client through our emergency service (and they will then triage and pass on to the relevant service). Our Emergency and Critical Care service sees cases 24/7. Your client can come straight to our clinic at any time without an appointment, although we would appreciate prior notice and any relevant information if you are sending them.

Referring Vet Only line (always manned): 9731 2333

Further information

You can also use those email addresses to send through questions you may have about cases. Just let us know how urgently and how (whether by phone or email) you would like us to get back to you.

Download the referring vets guide [PDF]