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Central Sterile Supply

Pet Sterile Surgery Werribee

Knowing that your pet is in safe hands during an operation gives great peace of mind. Our theatre support team play an integral part in maintaining high quality surgical standards. At U-Vet we have the only large, dedicated CSS section in veterinary practice within Victoria. All our surgical instrumentation and medical equipment used on your pet’s procedures have been thoroughly treated to render them bacteria free. The team closely follows the Australian Standards used in human hospitals (4187), to provide the same level of care for your pets in our own hospital.

Meet the Team

Central Sterile Supplies (CSS)/ Theatre Nursing Team
Ms Robyn Flaherty, CSS/Theatre Coordinator 9731 2349
Ms Mandy Sawyer, CSS Technician
Ms Carolynne Riviere, CSS Technician
Ms Lauren Fitzsimmons, Theatre Nurse
Ms Rebecca Cunningham, Theatre Nurse
Ms Heather McLean, Theatre Nurse
Ms Trudy Kelly, Equine Theatre Nurse