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Referring Vets

Dermatology - referral

Pets are susceptible to numerous diseases of the skin including ear and claw which can occur due to parasites, allergies and inhalant allergens. U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital provides the most advanced dermatological care for the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin conditions in dogs and cats. Diseases of the skin can be long term in which diagnosis and treatment is important.

Your general practice veterinarian may refer you to a veterinary dermatologist to diagnose skin conditions. The veterinary dermatologist reviews your pet’s history, previous treatment and may perform diagnostic tests to determine skin conditions.

Dr Burton consults on Mondays and Thursdays.

Dr Crothers consults on Thursdays.

Meet the team

Dr Greg Burton, Consultant - Veterinary Dermatology
Dr Samantha Crothers, Consultant - Veterinary Dermatology