Emergency: Open 24hrs/365 days 
Emergency Call: (03) 9731 2000

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Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency & Critical Care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Werribee Vet Hospital

Werribee Call: (03) 9731 2000   Animal Emergency: (walk-in) Open 24 hours 7 days 365 days a year

U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital's Emergency and Critical Care service is unique by providing:
> Truly 24 hr Emergency and Critical Care services for sick and injured animals 
> Access to Veterinary Specialties within our hospital including Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthesia, Clinical Pathology, Diagnostic Imaging and Neurology.
> All of our departments are 'On-Call' for emergency patients. 
> Intensive Care Unit with 'Round-the-Clock' care for critically-ill patients. There is a Vet on duty at all times.
> State-of-the-art facility can perform many tests (including x-rays & blood tests) at times when smaller clinics may not be able to (such as on weekends and after hours). 
> Highly experienced and caring veterinary nursing staff
> High end equipment on site such as MRI, CT, Scintigraphy, Fluoroscopy and Laser endoscopy are all available within our hospital.
> Pet owners can bring their sick or injured animals to us at any time of the day or night. Patients are examined and, if necessary, admitted to the Hospital for ongoing tests and treatment. 

Meet the team

Dr Dez Hughes, Associate Professor and Section Head in Emergency and Critical Care

Dr Elise Boller, Senior Lecturer, Emergency and Critical Care and ECC Residency Program Director
Dr Manuel Boller, Senior Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care
Dr Mark Davis, Senior Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care
Dr Kylie Kelers, Lecturer
Dr Suzie May, Senior Veterinary Clinical Tutor
Dr Lorna O’Dowd, Senior Veterinary Clinical Tutor
Dr Hui Mei Ong, Senior Veterinary Clinical Tutor
Dr Jiah Goh, Veterinary Clinical Tutor
Dr Sarah Gaudette, Senior Resident
Dr Ide Gillespie, Resident
Dr Liam Donaldson, Resident
Dr Louis Eramanis, Resident

Head Nurses
Ms Emily Wells, Head Nurse ECC
Ms Samara Blake, Veterinary Nurse (second in charge)

Mr Steve Isaacs
Ms Asha Yeoman
Ms Hayley Dunn
Ms Kellie Baker
Ms Rachael Joseph
Ms Andrea Shadiotto
Ms Katrina Trzepizur
Ms Courtnay Baskerville
Ms Raina Von Nagy
Ms Daniella Digiantomasso
Ms Michelle Bush
Ms Kat Ladd
Ms Gillian Watson
Ms Jenni Modestou 
Ms Susanna Finn