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Referring Vets

Small Animal Surgery - Referral

The small animal surgery section provides referral surgical services for our referring veterinarians, other service areas at the Veterinary Hospital, primary surgical services for our local clients, and a large and varied case-load for student education and instruction.

We perform a wide range of soft-tissue, orthopaedic, oncologic and neurological surgery. We have the equipment and expertise to perform minimally invasive ‘keyhole’ surgery, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, reconstructive surgery, complex fracture repair, and neurological procedures.

We work cooperatively with our referring veterinarians, as well as other departments within our Hospital, such as Anaesthesia, Small Animal Medicine, Emergency & Critical Care, Neurology, Diagnostic Imaging and Nursing and Central Sterile Supply, to provide complete and high-quality care for our patients. The successful outcome and management of complex surgical cases requires the coordinated effort of many people with specialised skills that we uniquely provide in the Melbourne region.

As a teaching hospital, DVM and graduate students (residents) are actively involved with case management, however all referral surgical procedures are performed by the Faculty or Staff veterinarians.

Refer a case   

Veterinarians wishing to refer cases for Surgery contact:
Surgery Service Coordinator: Anna Hagelin    
Phone: 03 8001 2440 (direct) or 03 9731 2000
Email: vet-sa-surgery@unimelb.edu.au
Online referral: www.u-vet.com.au/how-to-refer-for-veterinarians  

Meet the team

Dr Stewart Ryan, Registered Specialist & Senior Lecturer (Founding Fellow ACVS, Surgical Oncology)

Dr Orly Zemer, Academic Surgeon
Dr Takanori Sugiyama, Academic surgeon
Dr Tesh Smalle, Academic Surgeon
Dr Isobel Monotti, Resident (3rd year)
Dr. Kadie O’Byrne, Resident (1st year)
Dr Donna Scott, Staff Surgeon
Dr Jee Wijesinghe, Staff Surgeon

Ms Anna Hagelin, Surgery Service Coordinator
Ms Victoria Wilson, Co-Surgery Service Coordinator