Equine podiatry and farriery

Dr Luke Wells-Smith is a veterinarian and farrier. Luke offers veterinary podiatry consultation to U-Vet Equine Centre clients, and provides therapeutic farriery application for horses with foot-related lameness.

Luke can establish a therapeutic farriery plan, and assist with shoeing if required. He possesses over ten years of experience in shoeing horses of different breeds and disciplines, and with a variety of hoof conditions. An advantage of visiting Luke at the U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre is that clients have access to advanced imaging, a sports medicine specialist and Luke’s skills. The U-Vet Equine Centre can undertake both pre- and post-shoeing radiographs to help monitor the change in foot conformation immediately after shoeing.

Typically, Luke encourages owners to bring their horse back for a re-evaluation at 4-6 weeks post-shoeing, to monitor how the horse has responded to the change in shoeing.

If your farrier is unable to be present for the consultation, Luke can develop a written report to be taken home and discussed with your veterinarian and farrier. Follow-up phone calls and emails can also be arranged to talk through any questions they may have.

Horses - all stages of life

Luke can provide evaluation of foals in order to manage and prevent conformation issues and assist with equalising growth rates to reduce the risk of developmental orthopaedic disease and to maximise sale potential. Services targeting the treatment and prevention of foot and musculoskeletal injury for racehorses are also offered. Luke can also assist with the management of foot-related lameness (in particular, laminitis) in mares and stallions.

Equestrian Sports

Consultation and therapeutic farriery practices are offered for horses in all disciplines of equestrian sports, from show jumping to dressage, to endurance and western events.

Second Opinion

Luke can provide expert advice on second-opinion cases, insurance claims and legal matters. 
To make an appointment call (03) 9731 2268.

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