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Obesity, insulin and laminitis: How exercise can help

27 August 2021
New research led by Dr Nicholas Bamford shows that regular low‐intensity exercise provides additional health benefits for the prevention of laminitis....

Upper airway abnormality diagnosed by treadmill endoscopy

27 August 2021
The U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre has the expertise to investigate and manage poor performance, including various respiratory and cardiac issues....

Clip Clop and her Standing CT

27 August 2021
Clip Clop recently presented to us for a lameness investigation....

Foaling Season Tips

27 August 2021
Foaling season is now in full swing and many of us are smiling as we watch happy healthy foals bouncing around the paddocks! Sadly not every foaling will go to plan and we hav...

Alexis and her miracle foal

27 August 2021
Alexis was brought into U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre at about 305 days pregnant. She was quiet, not eating and had been dripping milk for the past few days. Her vet performed...

The role of viruses in respiratory disease and poor performance

27 August 2021
Respiratory disease is the second most common cause of lost training days after lameness for racehorses. Both infectious (i.e., caused by viruses or bacteria) and non-infectio...

The Role of Veterinary Specialists and Referral Equine Hospitals

27 August 2021
Like specialists in human medicine, veterinary specialists have extensive experience and expertise in a relatively narrow aspect of veterinary medicine. As such, specialists i...

Foaling season: A successful outcome from an emergency situation

27 August 2021
During the foaling process, there is a short window of time in which the foal needs to be delivered and begin breathing on its own. When this doesn't occur such as this case w...

Behavioural Clinics

27 August 2021
Dr Andrew McLean is widely considered one of the leading academic experts on horse training....

Delta Safari’s successful treatment of atrial fibrillation with TVEC

27 August 2021
Delta Safari has been successfully treated with transvenous electrocardioversion (TVEC), an alternative treatment for atrial fibrillation at U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre....

New research on snake envenomation of horses

27 August 2021
A new research project led by University of Melbourne equine medicine researcher Dr Nick Bamford has been published. It’s the first in which scientists looked at the cli...

Dr Charles El-Hage on horses during Spring - ABC Radio Melbourne

27 August 2021
Listen to lecturer in Large Animal Medicine Dr Charles El-Hage from the University of Melbourne speak with Hilary Harper on the ABC Radio Melbourne on what to watch out for in...

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