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U-Vet to support new diagnostic imaging subsidy for Victoria’s racehorses

29 June 2021
U-Vet Werribee Equine Lameness and Imaging Centre will be instrumental in trialling Racing Victoria’s new subsidy scheme to offset the cost of advanced diagnostic imagin...

Clip Clop and her Standing CT

25 March 2021
Clip Clop recently presented to us for a lameness investigation....

New survey seeks to better understand management of Equine Cushing’s disease in horses

18 March 2021
University of Melbourne researchers are undertaking a survey of horse owners to better understand their management of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) also known a...

Listen: How to avoid racehorses' injuries while maximising performance

30 October 2020
In this Dean’s Research Seminar, Professor Chris Whitton discussed research led by his team at the U-Vet Equine Centre to develop world-first training guidelin...

Standing CT makes diagnosis a breeze for James

30 October 2020
James was referred to U-Vet for fluid in his sinuses, and our new standing CT found the Warmblood gelding had extensive dental disease. After surgery by our spe...

From cannon bone fracture to winning at Flemington

19 June 2020
After undergoing surgery to repair a medial condylar fracture in the right front cannon bone in August 2018, racehorse Alfa Oro is back to racing with fantastic results....

Obesity, insulin and laminitis: How exercise can help

28 June 2019
New research led by Dr Nicholas Bamford shows that regular low‐intensity exercise provides additional health benefits for the prevention of laminitis....

Research produces valuable insights into the cause of laminitis

12 April 2019
Promising research conducted by our leading equine expert Professor Simon Bailey and PhD candidate Courtnay Baskerville provides possible missing link between insulin and lami...

What are the biggest risk factors for injury in thoroughbred racing?

21 March 2019
Dr Peta Lee Hitchens recently discussed her new paper, which analysed almost 300 risk factors in flat racing to determine those most likely to lead to a catastrophic injury on...

Another successful transvenous electrocardioversion at the Equine Centre

24 January 2019
Banjo is a successful racehorse from NSW, whose career was in danger when he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. By performing a transvenous electrocardioversion (TVEC), t...

Foaling season: A successful outcome from an emergency situation

24 January 2019
During the foaling process, there is a short window of time in which the foal needs to be delivered and begin breathing on its own. When this doesn't occur such as this case w...

Upper airway abnormality diagnosed by treadmill endoscopy

1 October 2018
The U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre has the expertise to investigate and manage poor performance, including various respiratory and cardiac issues....

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