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You’ve found injured wildlife… now what?

19 February 2021
Amid the horrors of Australia’s bushfire crisis, one of the first things on our mind is how best to care for injured wildlife. So, if you’ve come across a hurt or...

Watch: U-Vet hospital virtual tour

2 November 2020
Join our senior veterinary nurse, Rachael, as she takes you on a virtual tour behind-the-scenes of our hospital....

How clinical trials can save lives

30 October 2020
Nadja blossomed after she was adopted into a loving home, but diarrhea caused by a mystery gut illness left her thin and listless. ...

Second opinion a second chance for Rosie

21 October 2020
Diagnosed with an inoperable tumour at her regular vet clinic,  Rosie was given a second chance at U-Vet. Read how the Head of Surgery Dr Stewart Ryan saved her life...

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs

21 October 2020
People living with a dog suffering from separation anxiety never quite know what they will find when they return home and find it difficult to convey the apprehension they fee...

Equine News

Obesity, insulin and laminitis: How exercise can help

27 August 2021
New research led by Dr Nicholas Bamford shows that regular low‐intensity exercise provides additional health benefits for the prevention of laminitis....

Upper airway abnormality diagnosed by treadmill endoscopy

27 August 2021
The U-Vet Werribee Equine Centre has the expertise to investigate and manage poor performance, including various respiratory and cardiac issues....

Clip Clop and her Standing CT

27 August 2021
Clip Clop recently presented to us for a lameness investigation....

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