Dr Leonie Richards on cats and Christmas trees

Listen to Dr Leonie Richards, Head of General Practice, U-Vet Veterinary Hospital, University of Melbourne explain why cats are obsessed with Christmas trees during her interview with Robbie Buck, ABC Radio Sydney.

With cats being particularly fascinated with Christmas trees, Dr Richards said there are dangers of cats knocking items off the trees, chewing off strings on baubles and swallowing tinsel. She noted that strings and tinsel can be swallowed into a ball and act like a plug in the intestine which can cause various problems and if stuck, it will need to be retrieved at the vet using an endoscope, or in extreme cases, major surgery. She added that dogs are not as fascinated with glittery things though they may be more inclined to create havoc with the presents under the tree.

For further information, read ‘Why Cats Obsess over Christmas Trees’.

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