It took a ‘hospital village’ to save Kirah

Kirah smiling at the camera
Kirah the boxer thriving after her emergency surgery

Kirah is a 13-year-old female boxer, who was seemingly in excellent health when she suddenly collapsed at home. Her owner, who happens to be an emergency nurse at U-Vet recognised the urgency of Kirah’s condition and rushed her to our hospital’s 24-hour Emergency Centre.

After a full examination it was clear that something very serious had led to Kirah’s collapse and that a rapid diagnosis was required to save her life. The emergency veterinarian called in the expertise of the Internal Medicine, Pathology, and Diagnostic Imaging teams to assist with the investigation and it was determined that she was severely anaemic. Combining this information with her passing black faeces, the clinicians knew to look for bleeding in the bowel. An abdominal ultrasound was performed which revealed that a tumour was growing within the jejunum (part of the small intestine). The tumour had ruptured and was bleeding into the intestinal tract which required immediate surgical intervention to keep Kirah alive.

Our Surgery and Anaesthesia teams worked quickly to get Kirah onto the operating table where they carefully resected an entire portion of her small intestine to remove the tumour. They then re-attached the intestine ends back together, a procedure called anastomosis. After her surgery, Kirah was transferred to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit to be closely monitored for post-operative complications. The U-Vet Pathology team confirmed the good news that the tumour had been completely removed and that the surgery was curative.

Kirah being treated at U-Vet Emergency Centre
Kirah being monitored closely in Intensive Care

Less than one week after surgery, and Kirah was well on her way to a full recovery.  With thanks to the combined efforts of our staff, she can now be found bounding along the hallways of U-Vet seeking chin scratches from all she meets.

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