New treatment for dogs with lymphoma - Seeking participants for clinical trial

Veterinarian with listening to dog with stethoscope

Our Oncology service is pleased to announce a new clinical trial which is aimed at improving drug treatments for dogs with lymphoma. Partnering with PharmAust, this trial will evaluate the drug monepantel, which has shown promising anti-cancer results in vitro, in mice and in previous preliminary investigations in dogs with lymphoma, as well as in a Phase I study in humans with cancer.

Enrolled dogs are required to complete baseline staging tests and then be treated at home with daily oral tablets. Tumour size will be measured before and after treatment using callipers and imaging tests e.g. CT scan, abdominal ultrasound and/or X-rays. Previous studies in dogs have shown that this drug is extremely well tolerated even over very long periods of daily administration (tested up to 52 weeks to date).

What are my financial responsibilities?

Pet owners are responsible for the cost of tests to determine if their dog has lymphoma (these are all tests that would be done in the normal course of diagnosing and staging cancer) and for the initial appointment with the U-Vet Oncology service where all options for treatment are discussed, including the clinical trial.

What the study will pay for?

  • Any additional pre-treatment tests required to set the baseline for evaluation
  • The medication
  • 2 week and 4 week re-evaluation visit
  • Treatment for adverse events that are considered probable side effects of the drug (up to $1000)


  • Dogs must have normal organ function and be overall feeling well
  • Dogs must have not received any previous treatment for cancer, including corticosteroid anti-inflammatories e.g. prednisolone
  • Able to visit U-Vet Animal Hospital in Werribee for checks to evaluate safety and efficacy


Pet owners: If you have questions regarding the trial, or would like to make an appointment for your pet with cancer, please email or call 9731 2054. If you believe your dog may be eligible for the trial, please ask your veterinarian to email relevant medical records and test results to the above address.

Veterinarians: If you wish to refer a case, for the trial or for cancer treatment in general, please email or call 9731 2054.

This trial has been approved by the Animal Ethics Committee of the University of Melbourne (#1714248.4)

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