Clinical Pathology Lab

Clinical pathology assists the diagnosis of and study of disease using laboratory testing of blood, urine and body fluids, and microscopic evaluation of tissue.

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What makes us unique

Our highly trained team of veterinary clinical pathologists and technologists support U-Vet, referring veterinarians and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment of many animal species. Our clinical pathology laboratory provides on-site services to the U-Vet Animal Hospital allowing rapid, real time delivery of accurate results and diagnoses to assist our veterinarians in providing high quality patient care.

Services we offer

We offer a range of clinical pathology services, including:

  • diagnostic haematology and biochemistry
  • cytology endocrinology
  • body fluid analysis
  • coagulation testing
  • urinalysis
  • microbiology
  • parasitology.

We participate in internal and external quality control programs, to ensure accuracy of results, and use instrumentation and test methods that are appropriate for veterinary species. Our dedicated clinical pathology team coordinate with our other specialist services all of whom can assist in providing the best comprehensive care to make the best decisions for you and your pet.


  • Sysmex haematology analyser
  • Cobas Integra 400 biochemistry analyser
  • Stago coagulation analyser
  • Immulite immunoassay analyser
  • Microscopy and digital imaging
  • Cytospin for fluid analysis.

Other information

Granular lymphocyte leukaemia in a dog

Image: Granular lymphocyte leukaemia in a dog

Trichomonas infection in a crop wash from a bird

Image: Trichomonas infection in a crop wash from a bird

Melanoma cancer cytology in a dog

Image: Melanoma cancer cytology in a dog

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