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At U-Vet, we are proud to be one of Australia’s leading veterinary and teaching hospitals. Our committed staff provide extraordinary, specialist care to the animals they attend. Our comprehensive service, ranging from check-ups and minor procedures through to complex medical and surgical procedures, ensures owners have peace of mind that we cater for the needs of all animals. We offer primary care services direct to our local community, as well as specialist referral services to practitioners and pet-owners across the country.

Our specialised expertise stems from our ongoing research and dedication to finding new ways of maintaining animal wellbeing and reducing stress for owners. However, we need your help to keep striving for excellence.

Veterinarian teaching students with dog

There are many aspects of U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital and the Equine Centre’s work that would benefit from your support. For example, providing better facilities for animals, delivering improved diagnoses and treatments, and helping us attract and retain the best researchers and vet clinicians.

All donations to the U-Vet Small Animal and Equine Support Funds will go directly to support the areas of most critical need. We encourage donations of all sizes and ask that you consider a multi-year pledge.

Every gift matters in the effort to deliver great animal care, fund research into safe and successful treatments, and provide a new generation of budding vets with the chance to work at one of Australia’s leading vet practices.

Please make a gift today and help deliver great vet care into the future.

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Thanks to the support of our community, U-Vet has made significant breakthroughs in disease and illness research and provides world-class care to animals in need.

Veterinary students checking up on a horse

Jasper's story

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to purchase vital therapy equipment for our Animal Integrative Pain Clinic.

When we first met Jasper, he was unable to walk due to an inter-vertebral disc protrusion, and was carried around in a washing basket to keep him comfortable. It was immediately evident to our clinicians that Jasper needed surgery and intensive rehabilitation to get him back to his healthy, happy self.

Thanks to you and the U-Vet community we were able to buy a hydrotherapy pool, and help animals like Jasper recover from surgery, cancer treatment or osteoarthritis. The underwater treadmill helps our patients with warm water exercises, using the buoyancy of the water as support.

Because of donations, pets have benefitted from our enhanced services, which now include therapeutic exercises, laser therapy, acupuncture and an underwater treadmill. These facilities help provide the best rehabilitative care for all pets, which improves their chances of a fast and successful recovery.

Labrador puppy Jasper undergoing rehabilitation
Jasper undertaking treatment in our Animal Integrative Pain Clinic.

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