Standing CT makes diagnosis a breeze for James

James was referred to U-Vet for fluid in his sinuses, and our new standing CT found the Warmblood gelding had extensive dental disease. After surgery by our specialists, James can breathe easy!

A woman with a white horse and a dark brown horse (James)

James is a 24-year-old Warmblood gelding who had a long history of on-and-off discharge from his right nostril. His regular vet had examined his nasal passages and mouth and had taken head x-rays. These x-rays showed that there was fluid in his right sinuses, which are usually cavities filled with air, so he was referred to the equine centre at U-Vet.

fluid lines in the sinuses of a gelding

At U-Vet, our equine specialists performed a CT on James’ head, using our state-of-the-art standing CT machine – only the third of its kind in the world! This allows us to perform CT scans on horses and other large animals more quickly and under light sedation while they’re standing, which means they don’t have to undergo general anaesthesia.

CT scan-extracted cheek tooth

CT scan-right upper dental arcade

The scan found that James had extensive dental disease and fluid sitting in three of his sinuses. Our specialists decided the best course of action was surgery to remove an infected tooth and to open and flush the infected sinuses, which was performed under sedation and local anaesthetic.

Oroscopic image-Diastemata and periodontal pocketing

Oroscopic image-Periodontal disease

After surgery, a catheter was left in James’ sinus for two weeks to ensure it continued to be flushed out. James was given dedicated care at home by his owner, Louise, and his usual vet to monitor this.

We’re happy to say, James has recovered remarkably well and is enjoying life – without a runny nose!

James enjoying life.

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