Second opinion a second chance for Rosie

Dog laying on grass with stick

At the beginning of 2019, ten-year-old Rosie was starting to slow down and lose some weight. An abdominal ultrasound at their regular vet clinic revealed a very large mass, which an initial veterinarian advised was inoperable. Facing a poor prognosis, it was thought the kindest path for Rosie would be to avoid further invasive diagnostic tests or surgery and begin considering euthanasia.

Luckily, Rosie’s owners are friends of Dr Stewart Ryan, Head of Surgery at U-Vet. On hearing the sad news about Rosie, Dr Ryan reached out to them to offer a second opinion. He thought that there might be another option for Rosie.

A CT scan revealed that the mass originated from the spleen and a biopsy indicated that this could be a type of cancer with a good prognosis after removal.

Transverse CT scan of splenic mass [highlighted in yellow]

After careful discussion with Rosie’s family, Dr Ryan performed a surgery to remove a two-kilogram mass – Rosie herself was only ten kilograms! – and further examination showed no signs that the tumour had spread.

Even better, further analysis of the mass revealed it to be benign. Rosie had a new lease on life!

Rosie the dog looking comfortable in a crate wrapped in a towel

Almost two years later, Rosie is still bringing her humans love and joy, and taking pleasure in the important things in life: cuddles with her family, walks with her doggy friends, and barking at possums.

Dog playing with stick outside
Rosie enjoying life two years post-surgery

‘She is slowing down at age twelve,’ says her dog-dad, ‘but still walking twice a day and still enjoys barking at the passing dogs and the possums. We are very grateful to still have her companionship.’

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